Stone Wuhan Tina Import & Export Co.,Ltd.

our story

 CHINA TM-STONE,Our founders Tina and Sam have many years of working experience in stone export, Tina have been worked in stone field since 2010. Tina and Sam both love our stone products. It comes from our love of nature. We are committed to becoming one of the best partner and exporters of stone decorative materials in China. 
     At the beginning of our cooperation, we have established a consensus to ensure quality and create service value for customers. Our logo TM,"T" means truth,"M" means many or more.Tell the truth and do the truth.

    We are very proud of all the clients we have worked with so far. Now CHINA TM-STONE have many excellent partners to join our team. Phoebe has many years of experience in foreign trade and export, and Monica has become our financial director. Saudi Arabia Mo brother has became our agent in Saudi Arabia. Michielle who is Sam's friend also join us, She lives in Germany and be in charge of our European market. Please expect a group of young people with dreams to create value.

I’m a lucky girl. I come from a deep mountains of the countryside. I can live nearest to nature.All natural and real things,I like.Especially for natural stone. Mother nature create them with unique texture and lasting beauty. Hereby I want to share natural beauty with you together.
                                                                  -------- -------Tina Zhang
In business, if I make a profit and the customer doesn't make a profit, the customer will lose money. If I make a lot of money and the customer makes a little money, the customer can't cooperate for a long time. If the customer and my profit are reasonable and reciprocal, then we can cooperate for a long time to achieve the best“win-win” situation.This old words emphasize the principle of “win-win”in business.We apply this ancient wisdom to our career.This is the secret of our success.