TM-W001 Pure Decorative Stone

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Pure Decorative Stone For Interior or Exterior

Item No.:TM-W001

Wall Tile & Backsplash Series Specs
Raw Materials Natural Slate;Natural Stone;Quartz;Sandstone;Marble,Granite;Cobble;Brick…
Primary Colors Black;White;Yellow;Green;Gray;Brown;Pink;Silver;Coffee,Chocolate;Rusty…
Feature Stacked Stone Panel;Cement Stone Panel;Loose Stone Panel…
Shape Rectangle;Z Shape;S Shape…
Style Edged;Flat;3D;Super Thin;Mountain Peak;Water Flow;Thin Strips;Classical;Bevelled…
  Regular Style;Tumbled Style;Massive Style;Multicolor;Classic;Thin Strip…
  Strips;Castle Style;Irregular;Cobble…
Measurements 15X60;15X65;15X55;15.2X61;15X56.2;18X35;20X50;20X60;30X60;10X35;10X40CM…6"X24"
Thickness 0.8-1.2CM;1.0-2.0CM;1.5-2.5CM;2.0-3.0CM,3.0-5.0CM
Package  Carton and Wooden Crate;Carton and Plywood Pallet
Usage Interior;Exterior
Advantage Hard;compression resistant;wearproof;fireproof;corrosion proof;no pollution
  no radiation;eco-friendly
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Natural Slate/Stone Business for Building decor.Materials

Quality:Each Piece is unique and special,Adding natural beauty to your world!

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        The first reason why we call them culture stone is that it is mined from the mountain areas of China,it has special characteristics(hard,unique texture,colorful…);secondly,different cultures around the world have different options .some areas like rusty color,while other areas like pure white,pure black or mixed colors.Any material here is older than man.
       Millions of years ago, this unique rock was created through a variety of geological processes. Natural stone deserves high respect because it cannot be compared with any other material. As a result, each of these gems has a colorful history and is as unique as any human or even any building. Accordingly, should choose natural stone material carefully.
        These stones are mined by ourselves,Choosing,Spliting,Trimming…slowly they are become the bridge for different cultures communication. The interior and exterior of the walls of natural stone materials are absolute visual highlights, wrapping the walls with stone materials to create a dreamy sense of space, which enables us to get close to nature in the living or working environment.
        Natural stone is eternal material, and no pollution, almost no material can be replaced. Natural stone is historic, and you can enjoy materials created by hundreds of years of complex geological processes at home, which is an unparalleled feeling. Natural stone also has plasticity. We can choose sizes, match colors and match different stones, providing wireless possibilities for our decoration. No matter be contemporary or contracted, still restore ancient ways style, have corresponding stone material to match with it.
     Whether fireplaces, garden, hallway, bathroom, almost all of the situation can be used. The uniqueness of natural stone can be distinguished from other assembly line materials, even the same mine stone has subtle differences, so the use of natural stone pay more attention to taste and personality.